5 things you need to know about the Debtor Tracking solution SatagoThere are a number of Debtor Tracking solutions that connect beautifully with Xero. I’m gradually working my way around testing all of them. Satago came across my radar when Steven Renwick was letting people know he was coming out for Sydney Xerocon – and had free blue sunnies to give away. These sunnies are now a must have item for Xero fans !!

I also interviewed Steven Renwick the CEO and co-founder of Satago on my Cloud Stories podcast called Cloud Stories – you can read it here and listen to it by subscribing here.

Here are the 5 things you need to know about Satago

  1. Satago has partnered with Experian a company that provides UK credit reports. If you’re dealing with businesses in the UK then you should sign up to Satago for this reason alone! The summary reports are powerful insights into whether you should be cautious about doing business with new or existing clients.

Here’s an example of the summary report you can access — notice the credit rating, the credit limit details, and other insights.


If you need further details – say you were entering into a significant venture with a client – you can step it up and buy complete credit reports from Experian. This is the only debt chasing solution I know that does this.

  1. Satago has support features embedded within the software — and respond quickly to queries.
  2. Satago includes the option to define an “escalation email address” which means escalation emails can go to a different address, than the initial reminder emails went to.
  3. Satago offers a free, single user plan that lets you chase up to 10 invoices and connect to cloud software — if you needed another reason to sign up and test it out!
  4. Satago gives you the opportunity to choose the ‘Days’ you send out the reminders. Personally I think it is impolite to send out business emails outside normal working hours, so this is a must have feature for me.

As you’ve probably realise Satago is based in the UK, and subscription pricing is in sterling. With a fluctuating currency this is something to be aware of, whenever you’re committing to an overseas solution. Steven told me they did start charging in different currencies – but ran into some problems and he write about it here.

When you are choosing a debt tracking solution – I think you need to ask them – how often do you check Xero and update your records. Satago do this once every 24 hours. Of course a high frequency is most desirable.

One little thing I really did not like about Satago, was that it created new email address for all my clients – yes this does sound odd – and it is odd – and it also messed up my Outlook email memory. Let’s see if I can explain this. Jane Smith, may have an email that is Jane@Gmail.com, but once she was being emailed from Satago, it would change it to something  like <813.###29@mail.satago.com> (where the # represent numbers). So then in Outlook when I typed in Jane, it would pop up with a number of email addresses fro start auto suggesting two email addresses for her. Obviously that is something to do with how Satago works. It is not a deal breaker, but I did not like it.

You can find out more about Satago here :




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