Content writing about cloud inventory solutions

I’m a regular guest on the TradeGecko blog producing intelligent, contemporary articles on inventory, that assist accountants and bookkeepers adopt easy strategies for increasing their income while supporting the inventory function of their client. In addition to writing these articles, I promote them via social media platforms, and drop links into relevant forum conversations. Useable information enhances the brand awareness and reputation.

TradeGecko is a cloud based inventory management solution that works seamlessly with Xero. Based in Singapore, the company was founded by a trio of Kiwi brothers and has recently secured significant funding, so prepare for new features and improvements in the pipeline. You also may recall I interviewed the CEO and co-founder of TradeGecko, Cameron Priest on the Cloud Stories podcast; it’s episode nine, you can click here to subscribe and listen.

Here’s a list of the articles I’ve written for TradeGecko – click through to read them:

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Blogging with TradeGecko, is an opportunity to educate the Xero community about add-on solutions available in the Xero marketplace, and encourage the adoption of add-ons as part of a complete cloud business platform. Automating processes, minimising data entry, freeing up time and saving money are just some of the benefits small business owners are recognising when they adopt an integrated cloud solution. Implementing suitable cloud solutions improves lives as people can access up-to-date real time data anytime, anywhere they can access the Internet, so they’re no longer tied to the office, or drowning in mundane repetitive tasks. Instead they’re freed up to build and manage their business, or spend some quality time with their family and friends.

I encourage you to subscribe to the TradeGecko blog, share the posts with those you think may benefit from them, such as your colleagues, small business owners and clients. It would be sensational if you could leave any comments or questions at the base of the posts on the TradeGecko blog and if you have any relevant topics you’d be keen for me to tackle, just let me know.