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Here’s a short video I made on Xero Cashbook;

The general Xero product talked about is the Xero business edition, but there is a lighter cheaper version, called Xero Cashbook. To subscribe to Xero Cashbook you need to be a Xero partner. A business or individual cannot subscribe directly to Xero for their Xero Cashbook solution – they must go through a partner.

There are three versions of Xero Cashbook. One has very limited functionality, so I’m not mentioning it here. The other two are essentially differentiated by whether they come with or without consumer tax, by that I mean with or without GST, VAT, PST, that extra bit of tax added to purchases, wherever you’re located.

For the purpose of this article I’ll call it GST.

Xero Cashbook, without GST, is suited to someone who wants to track their personal finances and feels comfortable working in the Xero environment

Xero Cashbook with GST is suited to labour only contractors, sole traders, property trusts, market stall holders, investment entities, dormant companies, start-up companies that don’t require invoicing, and similar simple business structures.

A cashbook can be updated to a business edition when you need it.

The Xero Cashbook with GST, has unlimited bank transactions, activity statements, reporting, budget manager, & file storage. It does work with the Xero to Xero network.

The Xero Cashbook does NOT having invoicing, billing, the ability to process employees, inventory or expense claims.

There is a Demo version of Cashbook. Scroll to the bottom of your My.Xero area and  click on the hyperlink that says ‘Change Country or Edition’ and select Partner Edition (Cashbook)

If your clients are on Backlink & they’d prefer stable pricing convert them to Xero Cashbook. Transaction numbers in Banklink affect pricing. Conversions from Banklink to Xero can be done by JetConvert.

I’ve a number of clients on Xero Cash Books and if you’d like me to set it up for you – just get in touch!

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