If you find yourself here reading this – you’ve probably heard about Xero. Xero is a popular online accounting solution used by many businesses in Australia and beyond. As an early adopter, I’ve been training people in how to optimise Xero in their business for many years now (I even wrote the book!). Last year I tested the water – was there a demand for workshop or classroom style training here in Brisbane? The answer was definitely YES! With a growing number of businesses using Xero, staff, accountants, bookkeepers and management are keen to learn this innovative cloud accounting / bookkeeping software, and get a bit closer to understanding their numbers. So as well as offering online Xero training – I have expanded my services to offer Xero workshop training at the spacious and beautiful facilities known as ‘The Edge’ in Southbank, Brisbane.

If you’ve been contemplating Xero training here are twelve reasons to invest in Xero training in 2016:

  1. Training in Xero gives you the tools & knowledge to be productive.
  2. Training in Xero ensures you’re able to complete tasks in the most efficient manner.
  3. Training can help you feel comfortable using Xero software
  4. Formal training gives you the time to focus on learning Xero and asking all the questions that you need too
  5. Investing in training reduces the time it takes to learn Xero.
  6. Training in Xero gives you the opportunity to test different scenarios.
  7. Dedicated Xero training gives you the opportunity to focus on technique rather than processing speed.
  8. Training in Xero can enhance your resume and career – make sure you remember to update your LinkedIn profile after undertaking training!
  9. You’ll learn real world-scenarios when participating in Xero workshop training from other attendees.
  10. Training in Xero can help you understand the big picture of how bookkeeping fits into the business.
  11. Xero Training minimises errors – saving time – so you can get home earlier.
  12. Your bookkeeping skills will be enhanced with Xero Training.

If you’re now convinced that you should undertake some Xero training, you can click through to book a one on one online Xero session with me, or you can visit the spectacular city of Brisbane and book in here for one of the monthly Xero workshops I facilitate: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/xero-training-introductory-workshop-tickets-20291666922

I look forward to meeting you on your Xero journey.

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