I host the Accounting Apps podcast: an independent accounting and bookkeeping podcast showcasing in-depth interviews with cloud enthusiasts & appaholics from around the world..

The Accounting Apps podcast vision

The vision for the podcast is to share stories of people and businesses operating in our connected Cloud community. • Developers • Cloud Integrators • End-Users • Solution providers • and Business Consultants. To mix it up I also speak with brilliant minds leading the digital revolution who perhaps have nothing to do with accounting– but are just interesting in their own way. The show’s an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of our business community, and how we can use big data to transform small businesses.

I have long relationships with the people I deal with and for me, it’s essential that I know the people behind these digital solutions. We’re doing business on the internet with people from across the globe, but essentially we buy from people. The Accounting Apps podcast is real people sharing real experiences and insights, and the whole shebang – the good, the bad and the ugly – it’s the must listen to podcast if you’re working within the community.

Accounting Apps interviews include:

The very first interview in the series is with Valerie Khoo who runs Australia’s leading online writing centre. There’s also an interview with Peta Ellis about co-working spaces and start-up community in Australia, and Geni Whitehouse of Even a Nerd Can Be Heard who helps nerds with communication skills.

I also talk with accountant Blake Oliver Director of Technology and Marketing at HPC in Los Angeles, Edinburgh based 2014 partner of the year Colin Hewitt founder of Float, Singapore based, kiwi born Cameron Priest about his inventory management solution Trade Gecko, and from my own backyard I’ve talked with David Watson of the analytical and reporting solution Fathom. Together its an opportunity to learn and share different perspectives of the community.

Podcasting fun facts

  • The first podcast I seriously listened to was: Manager Tools
  • My favourite podcast is Small Business Big Marketing
  • How do I listen to a podcast? I’m now using Overcast as my preferred app for listening to podcasts on my iPhone – it has a simple intuitive interface and as my iPhone is connected with the rest of the family – I no longer have their podcast choices filling my selections! To listen to Cloud Stories on an ANDROID device: Click here on Cloud Stories scroll down the page and select Podcast Addict and install it on your android device. Now search for Cloud Stories. You should be able to download and listen to all the episodes. The podcast is pre-recorded so you can listen to it on the day it is released or any day in the future. I’d encourage you to subscribe.