As a Xero Cloud Service Provider my objective is to implement an integrated online business platform for the client. An optimal rollout relieves administrative burden, enabling the business to access timely and accurate insights into their operations.

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) I:-

  1. Whiteboard clients business processes.
  2. Identify stresses, bottlenecks, repetition and manual intervention.
  3. Review and test suitable online solutions.
  4. Develop a project implementation plan.
  5. Build an integrated online business platform.
  6. Check data integrity and tax compliance.
  7. Deliver training.
  8. Provide ongoing support.

CSP clients come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Some clients want anything that can be automated — automated!
  • Some clients pick and choose from the online solutions identified.
  • Some clients want me to brain storm ideas with them, research suitable options and then they’re comfortable running the rollout themselves.
  • Some clients want me to work with them, and the solution providers to rollout of their new business platform.
  • Some want to hear about what is possible, but they’re not ready to make any changes yet.

To offer these services I draw on my expert knowledge and experience I’ve obtained as a professional qualified accountant working with small businesses over the last decade. I supplement my knowledge (and you can too!) with the Cloud Stories podcasts — interviews with brilliant minds working in the online space. Also I facilitate a monthly Master Mind meet-up where online solutions present a deep dive into how to implement and operate their solution.

The combination possibilities of integrated online business platform are endless. I can’t be expected to know all of them. To simplify my offerings and provide the best outcome to clients, I choose to work with Xero as the core accounting solution. I aim to select online solutions from the Xero Add-on Marketplace that plug into Xero.

[Tweet “If you think of Xero as being an iPhone, the add-on marketplace is like the app store.”]

I was asked what a Xero Cloud Service provider meant and this was the explanation I provided. Let me know if you have any questions about this – or if I can elaborate further for you on this topic.