Education businesses and Xero

There are currently four solutions listed on the Xero marketplace that connect with Xero. Here is some research I did on them. Yes the page has stretched a bit because I used a table – I hope you can read it ok.



Arlo: JobReady:



Do you have successful case studies of someone moving from a Teams & MYOB combination to your solution and Xero? How long did they take?

Imports take a couple of weeks -we have experience importing from your existing product.  Customer can continue to use existing product while import is prepared and tested. Waiting on a response Yes, we have successfully transitioned organisations from this software provider. We have had many new and existing clients transition from MYOB to Xero.


We have had people move from Teams to aXcelerate

Can your solution deal with a 24 week courses.

Yes – easily! Yes, JobReady.RTO supports ELICOS, CRICOS and all education types from VET in Schools to Higher Education. Our platform is designed to be scalable and ensure efficiencies for high intake courses and thorough monitoring for long term Courses, Qualifications.


Yes, aXcelerate can handle 24-week courses.
Can you deal with up to 300 agents (overseas and AU) selling the course?
Yes Yes, JobReady.RTO has a portal especially designed for remote Agents. Our Agent Portal can be used by Agents to submit referrals, track commission and communicate with the training provider.

Alternative access can also be setup to allow for a reduced Administration access.

Yes, we can handle agents.


Can you deal with complicated multi-line invoices that can produce a complete invoice for the agent – and the summary portion for the student? Same invoice slightly different information.



Yes, JobReady.RTO is a complete sub-ledger that allows for multi line invoicing. Separate line items may be allocated for commission, where other lines are not etc. An enrolment can be split into multiple invoices, allowing an Agent to pay some and a Student to pay the other. JobReady’s automated workflow can send both emails and letters to Agents, Students and/or parents/guardians as needed. Yes, we have a flexible invoice system that allows custom line items.


5. Can your solution deal with the negative GST involved when an agent’s commission is deducted off an invoice?
To confirm, if you are referring to international agents where GST does not apply, then yes. Line items can exclude any Tax treatment, but agent commission rates can also exclude GST.
6. Can you deal with the invoice changing multiple times?
Yes Yes, invoices can be changed, however may also affect any integrated General Ledger system. To ensure a more accurate audit trail, it is always recommended to follow credit note or adjustments procedures. Yes
7. Can you deal with payment solutions like eWay?
PayflowPro Yes, JobReady.RTO support the following payment gateways for online enrolment; PayPal, eWay, ANZ eGate, Commweb and St George. Yes we have an integration with Eway
8. What is the starting price of your solution?
Premium begins @ $430 a month.


Our price starts at $3,620.00