Here’s my email to people who hold their Xero subscription with me, about  Hubdoc + the Xero subscription price increase – you’re welcome to use it.



Tl;dr- You’re receiving this email because you hold your Xero subscription with me. From 18 March 2020 Xero business subscriptions are increasing by $2 per month and will include free access to Hubdoc.

I hope you’re finding your Xero subscription useful for your business. You may have heard that Xero has announced pricing and plans update – that includes an increase in subscription fees, and an increase in functionality for the Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plan.

From 18 March 2020 Xero’s data capture tool, Hubdoc, will be included in your Xero subscription. Hubdoc helps you capture and manage your bills and receipt and fetches your bank statements.

If you currently use Hubdoc, make sure you have it connected to your Xero account, and you will no longer have to pay the Hubdoc subscription, from 18 March 2020.

If you have never used a receipt scanning solution, you may like to try Hubdoc out now. From the 18th March you can use it for free; however, there is a 14 day free trial period, and the people at Hubdoc have told me that they might be able to sneak my clients a 30 day free trial period, so you could start using it for free from the 20th February.

If you find that you like the concept of a bills and receipt scanning solution, I’m want to ensure that you are aware of Receipt Bank, which many users report that they find a more robust solution to Hubdoc.

Receipt Bank offers:

✔️Accuracy and efficiency

✔️Excellent extraction

✔️Streamlined interface

✔️Batching facilities

✔️Duplicate detection functionality


✔️A dedicated support team

✔️ Funds and resources specifically available for developing new features


If you’re currently not using a bill and expense capturing solutions, Hubdoc will be free to you from the 18th of March, and you may want to try it out, to see if it saves you time.  If you like it conceptually but are seeking more in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and extraction, I suggest you look at Receipt Bank. Either way, this is a great opportunity to adopt further automation, and streamlining in your business

If you’re using Receipt Bank and are happy with it, but considering trying out Hubdoc because it’s free, I suggest you assess if the additional functionality and efficiency gain from using Receipt Bank is worth moving to a free solution. For me, I want everything as automated as possible, and am happy to pay for this.

I shall pass on the $2 monthly pricing increase, starting as at 18th March, in your next invoice.



Here are some information links to help understand these changes:

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This is a lot of information to take in. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer. I appreciate your continued support,