This is a bit late in the day, but a couple of ways to at least be aware of changes to the ATO Covid 19 information is to set up an IFTTT Applet.
The ATO RSS feed is and the specific Covid19 RSS feed is The Applet I set up is in the image below. I set it up on 7th May and WARNING, in two days I’ve had 16 email alerts since then.
This is my applet – I’m not sure if you’re able to simply copy and change the email address.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed – don’t do this.

If you’re attempting to stay across every change on Covid19 on the ATO website this may work for you.
Another site I used to really like is It used to show you an image of the EXACT change, and it was simple to use however it changed and I’ve not used it recently, but it might still be good.