Help you identify triggers which should raise concerns, help you, help your clients navigate their journey, and help you ask informed questions, during these challenging times.

Today’s episode is not centred around Accounting Technology, let me explain what I have lined up, and you can assess whether you are going to listen in, or skip over it.

During Covid19 every afternoon I have facilitated a 4 pm community chat to help support the community’s mental health and wellbeing. I recognised that many of us would have clients who are facing the reality of closing their business.

I invited Jarvis Archer a Liquidator at Revive Financial, to join our community chat and help us, help our clients navigate these challenging times. Jarvis is based in Australia, and I imagine some of what he shares, is Australian specific. However, saying that I think you’ll still benefit from listening to the episode. I think it will help you identify concerns, help your clients navigate their journey, and ask informed questions.

Please, understand the audio is stripped from a FaceBook Live stream, so it’s not the highest quality audio that I like to share with you.

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