Make sure that it’s not something that you’re doing wrong.

Make sure you’ve done your research, to ensure there is not another way to tackle the issue

Beau Gaudron Tech Ninja Growthwise

We were grateful to have Beau Gaudron Tech Ninja from Growthwise join us for a conversations, brainstorm, & ideas exchange, around this topic as part of our afternoon community supporting community chat.

I think this session is a beneficial listening activity for all people working in the PRODUCT area. There’s a snippet below, the rest is on YouTube, via the links in the comments, and it’ll also drop as an episode of the Cloud Stories podcast on Thurs, so plenty of ways to absorb these learnings.

Some takeaways for me were:

  • Be polite, respectful, and professional when dealing with the solution provider.
  • Make sure that it is not something that you are doing wrong, make sure you have done your research, to ensure there is not another way to tackle the issue.
  • If a change is required in a product, explain the reason behind it, explain how you or your clients will use it, explain the implication of not having it and having it, explain the time saving and the benefits. Pitch the feature and make the case for it worthwhile. Recognise there is a cost for them in fixing an issue, so they need to be able to justify the expenditure.
  • Be very clear in explaining the issue. I use TechSmith Snagit screen capture software or Loom the browser-based screen video capture software. Karla Hourigan the Systems Advisor at Infinesse. Looms everything and likes that you can tell if your video has been viewed, and how many times.
  • Speak to the right people about the issue.
  • Brooke Holmes Head of Community and Social (Global) at Practice Ignition from Practice Ignition highlighted when they are presented with an issue – they tackle it by Lifting and Digging. The surface issue may not be the problem.