Before Covid 19 networking, hobnobbing, mingling and schmoozing were a natural part of our business lives. Overnight, we found ourselves restricted from attending in-person events. As 2021 unravels, I suspect we shall not return to large roadshows, or conferences anytime soon. However, in 2021, smaller intimate in-person events may fill that void for our own mental health and well-being.

At a simple level – coffee catch-ups are the way to go. I, fortunately, have a local place called Oates and Sky. It’s close, spacious, friendly, and serves the basics required for a catch-up, good coffee, and simple, healthy food. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of entering back out, this is an uncomplicated way to start.

Here’s a list of in-person Australian events

Here’s a list of in-person Australian events you could explore. While associations have the main anchor event, they frequently have smaller discussion groups and are open to non-members. These are a way to gently ease back into real-life events. 

The legendary Chris Wheatleys half year Accounting and Bookkeeping community party in each state 

CA ANZ Events, Conferences, Workshops & eLearning Courses 

CA ANZ Discussion groups

CA ANZ Special Interest Groups (New Zealand) 

ICB Networking group, small groups meet virtually and IRL across Australia.

ABN Coffee Club – Australian Bookkeepers Network, small groups meet virtually and IRL across Australia. Listings here:

Association for Accounting Technicians

CPA Australia Conferences and events

Institute of Public Accountants – has events, conferences and discussion groups

Also they have a Monthly BAS Agents Discussion Group

CeBIT Australia – trade show for B2B technology and IT professionals, start-ups, SME’s, and members of the government. 1 Oct 2021

SMB Digital Powered by CEBIT – Digital solutions for SMB 19-20 Oct 2021

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Events

Community and Business Women’s Network – womens only group

AmCham – doing business with USA themed events

Referral groups – business people from non competing industries actively encourages referrals 

Random events: Meetup and EventBrite

Rubbing elbows in 2021

While researching this article, I noticed “rub elbows” is showing up as a synonym for networking. I wonder when it joined the list? Of course, I encourage you to adhere to current local Covid restrictions, for any of these opportunities to catch up with people in real life.