I’ve got something quite incredible to share with you as we commemorate?‍?‍?‍? United Nations ? International MSME Day (Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises ?Day, 27 June). This is possibly the most remarkable outcome of my career. 

In the hope of helping accountants through Covid19, I took the concept of supportive Community Chat for accountants to the ACCA. They were receptive to the idea ? and reimagined this as The Practice Room; A global network where accountants in Practice can connect, communicate, interact, inspire, motivate, in Immersive peer to peer sessions. 

‘The Practice Room’, launched with 15 global hosts. Hosts from Barbados, Greece,  Jamaica, Pakistan, including me in Australia, with extensive Practice experience, leading monthly ?practice centric? discussion. 

This free ?  initiative is open to everyone, including the 50 000 ACCA members in Practice worldwide. 

Small to Medium size Practices have an important role to play in the recovery ?  of the small business sector globally. 

Accountants don’t save lives. They save livelihoods. 

Join us in the Practice Room ? accaglobal.com/practice-connect