Postcards are short current episodes, addressing a topic that currently interests me, host – Heather Smith. In today’s postcard, I share an article that resonated with me, from the Todoist blog post written by Fadeke Adegbuyi.

Makers vs Managers: The Battle Over Remote Work

Managers want to go back to the office. Employees aren’t so sure.

Makers and managers are locked in a productivity power struggle where the battleground is the calendar and diminished focus and lost hours are what’s at stake.

Both makers and managers, or roughly equivalent to employees and executives, have important roles in the workplace and both schedules serve a different purpose.

While managers and makers across companies often agree there’s a problem, they’ve simply added band-aid fixes like “No Meeting Tuesdays” or “Work from Home Wednesdays”.

Offices have been built around the needs of managers at the expense of makers; the move to remote work offers a rare opportunity to shift the balance.

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