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Unravelling the Future of AccounTech Sydney Xerocon 2023

Today, I have something exciting to share with you. You know how you get excited when a lost Beatle or Nirvana track is found? Well, the extraordinary Alexi Boyd uncovered the audio of a panel discussion from Sydney Xerocon PreXerocon 2023. I honestly thought I’d never hear it again, and then in mid-March, she [...]

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Excel vs Software Battle: Fighting It Out Over the Future of Accounting Tech

This May brightest are here. Find the most-clicked reads from the Accounting Apps newsletter for May ‘24: Excel vs Software Battle: Fighting It Out Over the Future of Accounting Tech | (Accounting Apps Podcast) Explore the ongoing debate between traditional Excel use and modern accounting software. This podcast's pros and cons guiding you towards what's [...]

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Exploring Inventory, Practice Management, and Must-Try Apps

Today, I’m speaking with Tyler Caskey, Partner at The Bean Counters. In this episode, we discuss feature and functionality releases, new integrations, pricing adjustments, and acquisitions in the Accounting Apps space during March, April, and May ‘24. Our podcast highlights are: News and updates from Xero, QuickBooks & MYOB were discussed, including new features, [...]

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Automating and Simplifying the Complexities of Lease Accounting | Adam Riches

"Accounting has struggled to stay relevant in the software space. It hasn't seen those big gains you'd expect in a profession as straightforward as ours. The debits and credits have been around for 500 years. That hasn't changed much. But software has a long way to go before it brings huge technical advantages to [...]

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Industry Disrupting CFO Advisor Kicking Goals | Sarah Lawrance

"I'm a big fan of G-Accon. I love that tool. It's such a beautiful little connector that we pull lots of data out. We use it with Google Sheets. The creatives love Google Sheets, and they love Xero. So to link those two up and then manipulate those into our own models is a massive [...]

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Excel vs Software Battle: Fighting it Out Over the Future of Accounting Tech

"A business that has moved more of its workflows to software is less dependent on the founder, and, therefore, is more valuable." "The fastest-growing and most profitable firms are the ones that say no to clients the most. The more restrictive their service is, the better the practice is." – Michael Wood, Founder & [...]

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The FAB Debate: AI vs The Human Touch in Accounting | Samuel Green

"AI is there to drive the human touch. If you're using it correctly, your human touch will only improve your relationships with your clients and employees. Everything will improve as that goes on." – Samuel Green, UK Partnership Account Executive of Employment Hero. Today, I'm bringing you the second podcast in a three-part series [...]

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Live from the Festival of Accountants and Bookkeepers

"We've always wanted to grow, and you could accelerate growth. Now we know the formula. Cash will help with that. But we're also developing a technology platform. We started on the investment circuit. It's part of the journey". – Lucy Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of Mazuma. Today, I'm bringing you live interviews from the [...]

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This App Will Answer ANY QUESTION About Your Accounting Firm

Hello! We’ve handpicked our top most-clicked reads and listens from the Accounting Apps newsletter during April ‘24  just for you: This App Will Answer ANY QUESTION About Your Accounting Firm (Canopy Insights) | (Jason Staats) Canopy Insights enhances cloud practice management by allowing users to input data queries in plain English through its AI-driven interface. [...]

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Preparing for Change: Developing a Migration Strategy From WorkflowMax by Xero

"I think mapping the business process as soon as possible is very useful. Investigate as you explore the solutions presented today and what options might be for your business. It'll help you map your business needs from the software".—Matthew Peng, Founder of Business Continuum. "I believe life happens for me, not to me. This [...]

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