Today I bring to you a panel discussion entitled Shaping the Future of Your Firm – AccTech and the Digital Firm. This follows on from last week’s episode, where I shared the keynote speech I gave as part of the ACCA Virtual Conference 2021 Reshaping Finance: Digitally Enabled, Sustainability-Focused.

This episode is the panel discussion that followed.

The conference was organised in Singapore. The moderator was Sarjit Singh, and there were five panellists, three from Singapore, two of those were in practice, and Evan Law was the Chief Executive of the Singapore Accountancy Commission. Will Farnell joined us from England, and I of course was joining from Brisbane Australia.

For us to grow as an industry, I think it’s beneficial for us to have an awareness of what is happening beyond our own teacup, and I am always grateful to be on these international panels.

Let’s stop smart people from doing monotonous repetitive tasks that can be replaced with automation.

Let’s inspire people to experiment, innovate and develop improved workflows.

Find out how accountants are modernising their business, through leveraging people, processes, technology and data.

You might find it beneficial to go back and listen to last week’s episode as the panellists do mention it several times. I hope you enjoy listening.

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