Hey! Have you ever wondered about PRONOUNS? If you want others to know the PRONOUN you identify as; it can be easily added to your LinkedIn profile.

See point 1 in the image. DON’T add it directly to your name – there’s a better way.

At 2, click on the pencil that allows you to edit your intro.

At 3, select, or add a custom pronoun of your preference, and click the Save button.

As someone collaborating with global teams, it’s an opportunity to share a little bit more about myself, and on the flip side, learn a little bit more about who I’m working with. Using people’s correct gender pronouns helps ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where all voices are given equitable power.

Don’t want to use pronouns? That’s okay. You can update your profile with other info like Male, Female, Non-binary, Prefer not to disclose gender identity, and I’m not using any pronoun.