Today I’m sharing with you a panel discussion on the topic: Using online advisory services to increase your revenue from the Accounting and Finance Show Asia 2021.

The panellists included:

  • Willy Tan, Managing Director, Forbis Accounting Pte. Ltd.
  • Henry Tan, Group CEO, Nexia TS
  • Will Farnell, Founder, Farnell Clarke /

Some of the areas the panellists and I explore include Online Advisory services currently offered, including Sustainability Advisory. How to get existing compliance clients to see the value in new advisory services? The impact the pandemic had on advisory services, and the always popular question, how do you charge for advisory services.

? The three P’s: Prepare mentally. Prepare strategically. Prepare sustainably.

? Freemium advisory content model: sharing basic advice and useful links on social media for free. For more in-depth advisory needs, the client is charged.

? Volunteering services to charities has improved branding and increased referrals.

The session initially starts with an introduction from Laura Binns, Project Director at Terrapin, the conference organisers she hands over to me as host.

The conference is organised by Terrapinn a global events company promoting innovation and technology. I encourage you to google them and register for any upcoming events that may be of interest to you. As many are currently running virtually, you have the opportunity to attend their global events!

Access the Accounting and Finance Show here:

Additional resources I referred to when preparing this session include:

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