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Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 26th of September of 2021.

Square to Launch a New Paid Subscription, Invoices Plus | (TechCrunch)

InSquare’s popular free invoicing software is becoming the company’s next big subscription service. The company is poised to announce a paid subscription offering called Invoices Plus, which will offer sellers a set of advanced features, including some that had previously been available with the free service. The service itself had been quietly introduced to individual sellers but has not yet been publicly announced. Some sellers who were already using Square Invoices were recently alerted to the upcoming changes via email.

Spotlight on Springtimesoft Consulting – Web Consultants Tracking Time With MinuteDock | (MinuteDock)

MinuteDock has been around for a fair while now, having been in operation for more than a decade. Inevitably, customers come and go over such a period of time, with relationships building in strength or fading away naturally across the years. But some connections stand the test of time, and one such is the great customer relationship we share with the good folk at Springtimesoft Consulting, Web consultants based across New Zealand. Read more about this story by clicking on the link.

Navigating a Practice Beyond a Client-led Advisory Services Model | (Acuity)

A robust business-led advisory service can not only offer real efficiencies to an accounting practice but can also become a great facilitator of growth across other areas in a practice. “This has been a major catalyst for growth in our firm,” says Darren Van Zyl CA, director and co-founder of Enterprise Elements, an advisory group based in Brisbane. “We have a number of other arms to our business, and this model has been powerful for us because it’s been a catalyst for growing other services as well,” he told attendees at CA ANZ’s Practice Power Up Conference 2021. Read more about this model by clicking on the article’s link.

Accounting Profession Having Trouble With Recruitment | (AccountingToday)

Accounting firms are running into difficulties filling the pipeline with new accountants as they find themselves struggling to recruit talent. At the Illinois CPA Society’s summit this week, ICPAS president and CEO Todd Shapiro discussed the problem in light of figures from the American Institute of CPAs. “We’ve seen some disturbing things in the pipeline,” he said during his keynote address Tuesday. He pointed to the AICPA trends report from 2019 based on 2018 data showing a 7% decline in first-time CPA Exam candidates since 2017. The number of CPA Exam candidates who passed the fourth section of the exam decreased 6% between 2017 and 2018. He compared it to earlier declines. Get informed and click on the article’s link to access the full content.

Virtual Cards: The Future of SMB Payments | (Heather Smith)

For this episode of the Cloud Stories podcast, I spoke with Daniel Kniaz, CEO and Founder of DiviPay. We talked about how Daniel built a lot of entrepreneurial and start-up skills and base knowledge of FinTech while working in the Westpac Innovation Team. Daniel also shared the journey of DiviPay and how it works. It’s always been about virtual cards, though needed to pivot several times to solve the pain points of SMB and meet the demands of paying consumers. Get access to the full blog post on our link.

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