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Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 3rd of October of 2021.

If There Is a Pain Point and I Can Solve It Through Technology I Will Do It – Annature | (Australian FinTech)

Annature is an Australian made and owned e-signature solution that enables businesses to send and sign documents electronically. Her CEO Founder, Amreeta Abbott, is based in Queensland, Australia and defines Annature as a feature-rich affordable open mobile-led eSignature solution. She created the company because she was frustrated by the over-promising and under-delivering as a business customer. 

New Automated Audit Check Helping Bookkeepers Save Time and Increase Their Bottom Line | (XBert)

Continuing on their mission to make work life easier for bookkeepers, they have released a new XBert risk alert. The XBert team is well above 60 audit risk alerts now, trawling Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks data, helping accounting professionals increase revenue potential and streamline their practice workflow.

Introducing the Xero App Launcher | (Xero Blogs – Medium)

Xero’s new App Launcher brings functionality to the top Xero navigation, allowing Xero users to launch their connected apps from wherever they are in Xero. This provides a seamless experience, keeping their shared customers in their flow so they can get their work done faster. The team has been running a closed beta to test the experience with a few app partners, and the Xero users who have their apps connected, and it’s gone really well. Xero’s team is excited to open their App Launcher beta up to all apps using Sign In with Xero.

Growing a Digital Agency With MadeBrave’s Andrew Dobbie | (Float)

Travelling the world and working with top-class creatives are just two of the reasons Andrew Dobbie loves agency life. From his early days as a freelance designer to founding Glasgow-based creative brand agency MadeBrave, Andrew has shared some brilliant insights with the Float team on how to grow a successful digital agency. Watch the video to find out why Andrew believes it’s essential to ask for help in the early stages of starting a business, and how he dealt with the practical and mental challenges of scaling up a business. 

No Receipts: Slyp and DiviPay Partner on Expenses | (Australian Financial Review)

Two bank-backed FinTechs – Slyp, which has built a system to deliver digital receipts into bank apps, and DiviPay – are combining to offer an end-to-end digital process for employee expenses that will send receipts straight to the cloud when a payment is made. The collaboration shows major bank investments in fintech start-ups are starting to bear fruit, creating tools for digitising paper-based processes as more retailers look to boost their environmental credentials.

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