Weekly Report (w/c 10.10.2021) From October the 10th to the 17th.

Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 10th of October of 2021.

How to Use AI Audit and Automation to Add Value to Your Clients (and Increase Your Bottom Line) | (XBert)

The workload for accounting professionals in 2021 is markedly different from even 2 years ago. The pandemic and its economic implications have added to an already heavy workload and much like their clients, bookkeepers are learning to pivot and re-assess their business practices regularly. If it wasn’t already apparent, using the right technology tools not only aids bookkeepers in visibility across workload and easily collaborating with their clients and teams – it’s also crucial in maintaining and growing a bookkeeping business in modern times. It’s a vital part of adding value to your clients while increasing your bottom line (without having to lose your sanity in the process). 

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Maximise Your Profits (Part 2 – Management) | (Synder)

In this article, Synder continues to go over some of the best Shopify apps so you can start benefiting from them today. This is the second blog post in the series about the best Shopify apps to increase your sales instantly. Don’t forget to check out part 1 (about marketing apps) and part 3 (apps that will help with selling). To make things easier for you, they’ve kept gathering the best Shopify apps on the market today to help you manage and run your business. These apps will help you boost sales, improve customer experience, and stay organized. Check them out by clicking on the link!

Announcing the Acquisition of DataDear Excel Add-In by Intuit QuickBooks | (DataDear)

DataDear started its first line of code way back in 2015. Starting off as a bootstrapped business and growing organically over the years, today DataDear successfully empowers finance and business professionals in more than 30 countries around the world. The team at DataDear was privileged to witness the birth of cloud accounting as we know it today and has been actively engaged in this evolving journey. They have always believed that the inception of cloud accounting was an absolute revolution, the start of a significant paradigm shift! We equally felt that it was never a battle between cloud accounting software and spreadsheets. At our very core, we always believed that there must be a way for cloud accounting software to harmoniously coexist with the spreadsheet. 

Navigating a Practice Beyond a Client-led Advisory Services Model | (Fathom)

Replace ad-hoc engagements with structured, standardised services that deliver more value. In this article from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Darren Van Zyl CA shares some real-world advice on how to shift from a reactive, client-led approach to an adviser-led model. That’s why understanding different models for advisory services is so important. Learn here more about how a robust business-led advisory service cannot only offer real efficiencies to accounting practice but can also become a great facilitator of growth across other areas in a practice.

Supercharging Business Productivity by Using No-code Automation Tools – Kelly Goss | (Heather Smith)

This time, at the Cloud Stories podcast, I speak with Kelly Goss Chief Problem Solver at Solvaa. In this episode, we talk about no-code tools and why accountants and bookkeepers should embrace Zapier. Also,  we discuss how to holistically approach problem-solving and process improvement and the launch of her new book ‘Automate it with Zapier’. Additionally, we cover the importance of taking responsibility for your own productivity and ensuring your team are incentivised to be productive.

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