Today I’m sharing with you a panel discussion on the topic: Leveraging technology: Standing out from your competition and saving money produced by the Accounting & Finance Show Malaysia 2021

During the session some of the aspects we discuss are: 

  • How Border restrictions pushed businesses to the cloud and a borderless environment. The restrictions had opened up opportunities for them.
  • How they attract multi-generational businesses that have traditional parents and innovative children
  • Has branding the business as technology-savvy helped in attracting suitable talent?
  • Do you include Accounting Technology badges and certifications in your marketing material?
  • AND we also polled the audience about what factors are stopping them from leveraging technology?

Our expert panellists were Jovani Chinniah founder of Jovani & Co. Chartered Accountants, Jay Shong, a Management Accountant and founder of Red Beak, and YC Eng a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director of Yes Boss. They were all based in Malaysia, and as we learnt through the discussion, Malaysia has different requirements when it comes to storing digital receipts. I love it when we uncover these nuances because while some locations are ahead in some areas, others excel in other areas, and we can all learn and benefit from them.

The session initially starts with an introduction from Laura Pickard, Conference Manager at Terrapin. Terrapinn is a global events company promoting innovation and technology. I encourage you to google them and register for any upcoming events that may be of interest to you. As many are currently running virtually, you have the opportunity to attend their global events!

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