Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 14th of November of 2021.

The Data Opportunity Ahead for Accountants and Bookkeepers | (Heather Smith)

For this episode of the Cloud Stories podcast, I’m speaking with Kendra Vant, Executive GM of Data, ML & Ai at Xero and Clayton Oates, Accounting Technologist, and Founder of QA Business. Our highlights include the Accountants’ and Bookkeepers’ data superpowers; the opportunities, benefits and insights that we can explore through accessing data; and the newly formed Xero Data Council, among others. And, I also spoke of one of the data highlights of the year for me which is the CovidBaseAU, a popular COVID-19 tracking website that simplifies data and presents it in an easy to understand format. 

Top Tips to Boost Your Bookkeeping Efficiency, Even While Navigating a Pandemic | (XBert)

The finance teams of small businesses have been caught in a ‘Catch 22’ scenario these last 2 years. To survive and thrive in these times means being able to pivot and adjust quickly and often. But to truly thrive, you also need to make time to have systems in place that allow you to remain productive while doing so. So how do you make time to find those efficiencies and implement them, while maintaining confidence your business is delivering the quality standard of work you promise?

10 Tech Tools for Small Business in 2022 | (Rewind

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely familiar with the term “there are not enough hours in the day.” From drafting proposals and meeting with clients to keeping on top of emails and administration tasks, your days are full. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and exhausted. Fortunately, technological advances in software and apps mean that today, there are plenty of digital tools available to help you streamline your business and make your work less stressful.

Figuring Out the Future Financial Stack Trends for High Performing Teams| (Chargebee Blog)

How can you read the tea leaves and see into your company’s financial future, especially when it comes to the rise of subscriptions? As David Appel, the Head of Subscriptions & SaaS Vertical at Sage Intaact, cloud-based financial management, and services company, said, the future macro trends are already playing out in today’s market. Chargebee’s John Pearce, Sr. Director of Product, Integrations & Payments, spoke with David Appel during Chargebee’s Champion of Change European User Conference about how Sage Intaact and Chargebee work together to handle a lot of what subscription businesses of all sizes need to stay ahead of the curve. 

How to Create a Process Library| (Skore)

Businesses constantly map processes and create process documentation but often it ends up sitting on a shelf and collecting dust, never to be looked at again. In this blog, the Skore team will show you how to create a process library so the next time someone wants to look at those processes they are fresh and up to date. Processes are valuable assets that describe how a business works. 

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