Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 5th of December of 2021.

How an Excel TikToker Manifested Her Way to Making Six Figures a Day | (The Verge)

Kat Norton is a Microsoft Excel influencer. She has over a million followers on TikTok and Instagram, where she goes by the name Miss Excel, and she’s leveraged that into a software training business that is now generating up to six figures of revenue a day. That’s six figures a day. And she’s only been doing this since June 2020.

Account Reconciliation Automation: Best Tools to Consider | (Chargebee Blog)

For any business, big or small, account reconciliation is a mandatory process. It is the process of comparing internal financial statements to external financial statements from banks or other financial institutions to ensure that everything is correct and in agreement. Reconciliation is an age-old process typically carried out by accountants who spend a long time cross-referencing records at the end of every accounting period to make sure the records match and are accurate. 

5 Financial Reports To Share With Your Board | (Float App) 

Are you preparing for a big board meeting? As a start-up, you might feel nervous about presenting your finances to the board before your business is fully established and making the sort of money you know you’re capable of. How can you show the board that you’re well on your way to building a profitable business? Let’s take a look at five key reports that will impress the board and showcase your business’s performance.

Find Account Coding and Bookkeeping Mistakes Before It Hurts | (XBert)

A common type of bookkeeping mistake is incorrect coding and transaction entry errors. However, errors like this can be prevented. XBert analyses your Xero cloud accounting ta multiple times a day and will detect anomalies and patterns, helping you to avoid bookkeeping mistakes. 

How WorkGuru’s Xero Integration Saves You Time | (Work Guru)’s platform is all about making running your business as simple as possible. Double-entry of data, multiple records to update and systems that don’t talk to each other are all hidden productivity killers that WorkGuru aims to destroy! One way this is done is by integrating with Xero so you only need to add information once.

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