I have some exciting news. You can gain free CPE for past episodes of the Cloud Stories podcast via the Earmark CPE mobile App. Search and download the Earmark CPE app and click on the Cloud Stories podcast. Register for the ‘course’, which is essentially the podcast. Answer a few questions related to the podcast learning outcomes, and correct responses earn you 1 hour of free verifiable CPE.

That’s right – consumable CPE. This app has been developed by Blake Oliver with the USA market in mind. The app issues a NASBA approved CPE certificate to all users who complete the course and pass the quiz. Now I had no idea who NASBA was, and it turns out it’s not a car racing organisation, it’s the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. You will need to determine whether this is acceptable for your professional organisation.

For example, for the ACCA

  • The Providers name.
  • Why did you choose this activity and how is it relevant to you?
  • When did this activity take place?
  • How many of these units can you verify with supporting evidence?
  • What did you learn and how did/will you apply it?
  • And Details of the Supporting evidence

Cloud Stories is an original podcast series I’ve produced for seven years. I believe the best stories and learning from our industry are the ones our peers share. So I’m delighted that you can find the Cloud Stories show on the EarMark app, so you can enjoy listening to your peers and earn easily consumable relevant and highly practical CPE wherever you go.

Tune in for the first episode of Cloud Stories on the EarMark App where the amazeball Kellie Parks and I discuss

  • Developing templates to help create efficient firm workflows.
  • The best strategy for defining your firm’s ideal client
  • Understanding and offering App Advisory as a service

Download the app and access free verifiable continuing professional education or development for today’s accounting and finance professionals.

Let me know if you have any questions about this I can answer,