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Xero and Qantas Business Rewards Partner to Bring More Benefits to Australian Small Businesses | (Xero Practice Manager)

This year, more small businesses are expected to take off as business travel makes a return. After years of rescheduled flights, it’s exciting to see borders reopening, giving small businesses the opportunity to reconnect with customers and colleagues all over the world. That’s why Xero is excited to announce their new partnership with Qantas Business Rewards in Australia. In a first for Xero and an airline, the partnership will allow Australian small businesses to earn Qantas Points via the Xero App Store and streamline their bills when booking a Qantas flight as a Qantas Business Rewards member.

4 Top Features That Will Help You Manage Assets Better | (WorkGuru) 

Do you have a way to manage your equipment and understand what work you’ve done on customers’ assets? If you build or service equipment, whether it is your own or your clients, WorkGuru lets you keep track of everything you’ve ever done on a piece of Plant. You can track every hour, every part, every service, and who did it to keep your records 100% up to date! Here are the four features that’s software offers that help to make asset management a breeze.

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Workflow | (StartingPoint) 

Are you looking for ways to improve your business workflow? You need to start investigating workflow automation tools. With the right tool in hand, you can eliminate administrative tasks and focus on high-value customer-facing activities. Workflow automation is a powerful way to improve team productivity and unlock the growth potential of your small business. There has never been a more important time for businesses to embrace workflow automation tools. With the help of StartingPoint, you can easily begin to explore ways in which workflow automation can improve the overall efficiency of your business. This is a game-changer for ambitious businesses of all sizes. Let’s consider how you can improve your workflows

​​20 Free Project Management Templates (Excel & ClickUp) 2022 | (ClickUp)

Project management templates can help a project manager save tons of time when creating new projects. As they don’t have to start from scratch, the template helps them eliminate repetitive, tedious work. But there’s a problem. There are hundreds of templates out there (in excel and other formats) and not every free template is going to suit every project manager! Luckily, the ClickUp team has compiled the best templates for your project management needs! In this article, they’ll cover what a project management template is, why you need them, and highlight 20 useful Excel and ClickUp templates for different project management needs. 

A Clear & Complete Client Onboarding Workflow for Quickbooks | (Jetpack Workflow)

Whether you’ve been a bookkeeper for decades or you’re just getting started, some of your clients will be using QuickBooks. If you’re taking over existing clients on QuickBooks, they might already have their books set up and running, and you’ll be stepping into a well-oiled machine. But if you have a new client that hasn’t been using QuickBooks before, you should have a standard process for making sure that they’re set up correctly in the system. If they’re an established company, you’ll need to make sure that you’re importing all their information from their prior system. If they’re a new business, you’ll want to ensure that they get going on the right foot. 

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