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The Benefits of Automating Bookkeeping, for Bookkeepers | (XBert)

It’s true that for some Bookkeepers the word ‘automation’ can be met with apprehension. The idea that automating bookkeeping checks and practices take away from the job is old, outdated and simply not true. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are not the enemies — in fact, quite the opposite. In a nutshell, automating bookkeeping is the single most effective way to enhance your data quality, workflow efficiency and increase the value you add to your client — all with the same amount of work (or less).

4 Mistakes Small Construction Businesses Should Avoid | (BuilderTrend) 

More often than not, we learn from our mistakes. Whether you’re a team of two or 200, your construction company likely has goals for growth. The last thing you need standing in your way is yourself – especially if you’re at the helm of a smaller construction business. So, what’s the difference between your team and those building 10-plus houses a year? Fewer resources and less margin for error. Here are four project management mistakes you should avoid as the owner of a small construction business.

Build Your Firm’s Email Marketing Database and Reap the Rewards | (Boma Marketing) 

Email marketing helps build a loyal customer base – it’s a place where accountants and bookkeepers can share your firm’s story, build trust and promote new (and old) services. It’s also a great way to remind existing clients why they’re fans of your firm and nudge prospective clients in the right direction. But if you’re starting your mailing list from a base of zero, creating a substantial email database can feel impossible. While it does take time to grow your mailing list, it’s not difficult to achieve. Here’s how to get started.

5 Ways to Get Instant Feedback with Quick Metrics | (Fathom)

Quick metrics let you see the impact of your forecast, instantly. Forecasting in Fathom has loads of great features; from quickly modelling an asset purchase, to planning out the next three years in forensic detail. Seeing the impact of future events and being able to adjust when they happen means you can make smarter decisions and choose exactly the right time to deploy them.

What Is a Payment Aggregator (Merchant Aggregator)?| (Square)

As a new business owner, you’re tasked with handling a minefield of payment complexities. You need to accept payments in a number of ways, particularly in their electronic and online forms, and you need to manage those payments through business accounts. Historically this has been quite a manual, complex and disjointed process, in which you negotiate with banks, card providers and other financial institutions. You then need to source all the necessary hardware and software to accept your preferred forms of payment and organise a merchant account with your bank.

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