With new challenges, new technology, new team members and juggling a hybrid work environment, a business can quickly fall behind. To-do lists grow into massive hairballs, and sticky notes cover the desk.

This might be an indication that it’s time to improve agility and productivity by upgrading your technology.

During this discussion, we posed questions and discuss key considerations to look for in assessing technology solutions for your practice.

Having founded and built modern future-focused practices are, our hosts are experts in this topic, and are here to generously share their insight, and help you on your own technology discovery journey.

Questions to consider

  1. What are we trying to achieve by using technology? Set the scene (informed decisions, agility, sustainability, repetitive tasks)
  2. How does the human factor – our most valuable resource – affects this equation? (easier collaboration, time saver, digital skills)
  3. What is the Return On Investment (ROI) of this new technology? Where is the thin line between having a tailored product for your needs and the point where this product becomes too expensive/complicated?
  4. Features to consider: accessibility, the quality assurance provided, adaptability, integration with other platforms and tools already used, costs, security, future development

Does the technology help transform raw data into informed action or informed decisions? Will it increase business agility? Tell me more …

Does the technology help with delivering exceptional business advice to clients.  Tell me more …

Will staff find the technology efficient and easy to use?

Will the technology replace low-value manual tasks?

Is the technology suitable for a hybrid, mobile work environment that may wish to work outside business hours?

Will the technology provide cost savings?

Will the technology minimise or prevent costly errors?

Will the technology grow and scale with the business?

Will the technology connect with other platforms?

Will the technology enable you to maintain a digital advantage over your competitors?

Will the technology assist in surfacing timely real-time data?

Do you need to keep any of your legacy systems?

How will all your technology work together to help you achieve your goals?

Will the technology makes it easier for your team to collaborate?

Will the technology increase business agility?

In this new era of deliberate disruption, companies will need to be able to take their data, free it, find it, understand it and then activate it at the moment to deliver real change.


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