?  Another round is here! ? Find listed below the top five articles that have been clicked on the most from the most insightful Accounting Apps newsletter in this w/c 3.4.22:

Document Management & Job Tracking: A Perfect Match | (WorkGuru)

Even in the digital age, we haven’t escaped paperwork. When you don’t have a way of managing documents you run the risk of losing vital project information. With email confirmations, last-minute changes to the project and signed proposals, there are lots of documents you’ll want to keep on file as part of your project management. When you have good records, answers to job questions are only a few clicks away. Read on more about this perfect match!

SharePoint Document Management: 7 Things to Consider | (Glasscubes) 

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise product that’s been on the market for many years and has grown to address a number of organisational needs. Chief among these is using SharePoint for document management. But is it the right choice for your organisation, or would another solution be more suitable? For example, Glasscubes is a viable SharePoint alternative that brings together teams small and large in a single collaborative space. The platform is easy to set up, requires no training, and features similar capabilities to SharePoint—only more intuitive.

Introducing New FreshBooks Reports in Google Sheets | (G-Accon) 

The G-Accon team is excited to introduce a series of New Accounting Reports such as Aged AP/AR, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Expense Details, General Ledger, Item Sales, Profit and Loss, Revenue by Client, and Trial Balance. As you are probably aware, Accounting Reports provide insight into your business’s financial well-being. Accounting Reports are statements that show the financial health of a business. Some of the reports, for example, the Profit and Loss, show the results of a company’s operations over time. This report can be generated for 6, 12, 24 months, etc. Other reports are a snapshot of a company’s financial condition at a particular moment.

Get Paid Faster – Our Top 5 Tips | (Debtor Daddy)

Late payments are nothing new. Often they seem to be an accepted part of doing business. So, how can you actually get paid faster? The key point when it comes to trying to stem the wave of late payers is having a plan. Knowing how you’ll approach it when it happens, what your limits are and at what point you’ll seek help to automate your process or manage your credit control. In this article, the Debtor Daddy team put together our top tips to break the cycle and get your invoices paid faster. 

The How-To Job Costing Guide That Every Tradesperson Should Read | (AroFlo)

Job costing is one of the necessary parts of running a successful trade business. You need to know whether a job will turn you a profit or a loss and what factors within your business are contributing to that outcome. This quick guide will cover everything you need to know about job costing by answering six common questions on the topic. Read on for a refresher on job costing before we get to the nitty-gritty of creating a job costing system that supports your ability to turn over profitable jobs consistently.

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