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6 KPIs Every Nonprofit Organisation Should Track and Why | (Fathom)

Key performance indicators (KPIs) drive progress. In order to reach a goal, your organisation needs to have that specific goal in mind from the start. Small businesses choose their KPIs based on what will help grow the company and generate more profit.  Each of these goals has the mark of a good KPI. They are specific, relevant, actionable, and measurable. Your nonprofit can use these measurements to see how these nonprofit KPIs are doing in terms of your overall fundraising campaigns. Ready to learn more about each of these KPIs? Let’s dive in.

3 Things You Can Do to Your Quotes to Win More Projects | (WorkGuru) 

Quotes: simple to learn and difficult to master. With so much to consider, each factor of your quote can affect how likely you are to win work. When a customer asks for work, getting a quote from them quickly can help them pick you over your competitors. Getting a quote quickly can help a customer feel you prioritise them. It demonstrates competence and organisation which helps build their confidence in your business. Here are some tips on how you can up your quoting game without changing the amount you charge.

World Book Day – Recommended Reads From Leaders in the Accounting Industry | (XBert) 

To celebrate the United Nations World Book Day, Heather Smith shares some of the highlighted books shared in her Cloud Stories podcast by her expert guests. Read this article to find inspiring reads about the accounting technology and business world.

Affiliate Marketing Basics for Beginners| (Synder)

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry which attracts people of different backgrounds wanting to earn some extra income. The best thing is that nowadays there is an affiliate marketing program for literally everything. You can promote what you’re passionate about and reap the benefits while working from home. What’s more, no startup budget or special knowledge is required, which means that the only resource you need is your time. Interested? Let’s dive in! 

How to Grow Your Accounting Practice: 7 Tips From Experts Accountants | (Glasscubes)

Any savvy leader knows that putting clients first is a key component of how to grow your accounting practice. That’s why your client relation skills—and the level of service quality you offer—matter. On both these fronts, there are things you can do to up your game. Keep reading to learn the tips successful CPAs and other accounting experts have to offer on helping accountancies like yours reach new heights.

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