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What Should Accountants Be Posting on Their Firm’s Social Media Pages? | (BOMA Marketing)

Wondering what to post on your social media pages? The BOMA Marketing team have some ideas to get you started. Social media is a great place to build your brand and engage with your followers (clients and leads). The conversation on social media is 2 way, unlike your website, so you can engage with people here, whether that is to answer questions or pose them or respond to comments that people make. Your social media pages are a little less formal so you can share your personality and provide people with a better understanding of who you are, thereby building a deeper relationship. Read more on this link.

10 Questions With Rod Drury From Xero | (NZ Entrepreneur Magazine) 

Great businesses are started every day when people act upon an opportunity. Rod Drury is one of New Zealand’s most successful and best-known entrepreneurs, and the NZ Entrepreneur team talked to him about the story behind the Xero, the future, and what makes him tick. Find out more about this story by clicking on the article. 

How to Design Your eCommerce Accounting Software Stack | (SBO Financial) 

Most eCommerce founders focus on efficient customer acquisition and conversion as their primary objectives. But the truth is inventory management is the backbone of every retailer. You might have an amazing brand and vision, but it’s hard to stay in business if you have no stock to sell, or if you’re selling at a loss. That’s why stock control is one of the most important parts of running an eCommerce business. Knowing what you have in stock at all times allows you to make decisions around when to purchase more stock, how much is appropriate to carry in stock, and even helps with pricing your product.

9 Surprising Benefits of Time Tracking (And How to Start) | (MinuteDock) 

Want more productivity, profit and powerful insights into your business? The advantages of time management and time tracking can achieve all of that and more! Time tracking for businesses is a log of how you and/or your employees spend their working hours. However, the simple time log can give you invaluable analytics. It helps you understand what tasks are taking the longest, how you can improve efficiency, and where your revenue building efforts should be directed. Continue learning about the benefits by reading this article.

A Seamless Workflow with Mobile Approvals for a Scaffolding Contractor: a Case Study With Bulley Davey | (ApprovalMax) 

Bulley Davey is an accounting firm offering accounts, taxation and business advisory and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Established in 1935, they strive to go beyond the obvious to provide a cost-effective, high-value solution that meets their clients’ financial needs. Let’s get you started with this case study!

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