Data Dear will soon no longer be available to users outside of QBO. Late 2021 Data Dear was acquired by Intuit. I’ve spoken to the Intuit and the Data Dear team. The solution will be built into QBO, so it will no longer be available to external users. If you are on QBO I guess it is business as usual. If you are not then you can either move your accounting software to QBO, or change from Data Dear to another extension.

Data Dear was a tool that connected your accounting software to Google Sheets. So you had the accounting data you wanted in the spreadsheets that you loved!

G-Accon based out of Michigan founder Andrey Kustarnikov G-Accon connect Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks with Google Sheets  (They are offering 30% off for the first 3 months plus free training and support through the migration.

Reach Reporting based out of Utah, connect Xero and Gusto with Google Sheets

Flex Financial Reporting (based out of Perth founded by Ruairi McCarron used to be called Quick Win Development) connects Xero directly to Microsoft Excel. Access it here:

EXL Cloud. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, founded by Lance Rubin, who was a big fan of the Data Dear and Xero integration, is developing a solution that connects Xero with Microsoft Excel. It is to support his client base, who are no longer able to use Data Dear. It is currently in beta, and you can access it here: You can see in this image he is demonstrating Data Dear.

dataSights founded by Kevin Wiegand, in my home town of Brisbane, dataSights will allow you to connect your Xero data, and your DataHub to Excel, Power BI and GSheets. It is a bespoke offering for those in need of a bigger more robust solution.

If you are looking at your Data Dear options hopefully this is useful and all makes sense.

You can find verified Accountant Tools here on the Xero MarketPlace

I’ve worked with a number of these businesses at some point and strategically partnered with Data Dear for many years, and I’m currently strategically partnered with G-Accon.