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What Is a Good Inventory Turnover Ratio: a Simple Guide | (Synder)

For an e-commerce business, inventory is one of the most significant parts of management. Inefficient inventory management can dramatically affect cash flow for your e-commerce business, with a large amount of working capital sucked up by the excess stock or sales lost due to stock shortages. That’s why keeping an eye on inventory turnover is key to ensuring flawless e-commerce business operations. Let’s look in more detail at what a good inventory turnover ratio is, what can affect it, positively or negatively, and how to solve the most frequent inventory turnover challenges.

Geek IT Use Debtor Daddy’s Collect for Debt Recovery of Difficult Debts | (Debtor Daddy) 

Geek IT is an outsourced information technology service that helps small and medium businesses accomplish big things with their IT, and uses Debtor Daddy’s Collect product for debt recovery. Their whole enterprise approach is centred around a close partnership with their customers as an extension of their internal IT team. With operational aspects of their business outsourced around accounting and finance, credit control had been tricky for their team, until now. Geek IT, Office Manager, Tonia chats with Debtor Daddy´s team about how utilising Debtor Daddy has transformed their in-house credit control management.

How To Easily Invoice for Hours Worked as a Freelancer | (MinuteDock) 

Freelancing is an incredible way to work for yourself online. But how do you create an invoice for hours worked where you actually get paid? Charging clients at an hourly rate gives you the freedom to offer many different services. It also means that clients can work as much or as little with you as they need! To make sure you get paid fairly when billing, the MinuteDock team has put together a list of tips and tricks on how to invoice for hours worked in a way that benefits both you and your clients. 

50 Need to Know Project Management Terms & Definitions | (ClickUp Blog) 

Relevance and productivity for a pro in any industry require staying abreast with changes and evolving with the industry as it hits higher highs. The project management field calls for this and more, and that’s why we offer you this insightful list of project management terms to help you along! Learn more about these useful 50 terms with this handy article.

5 Reasons NOT To Use Practice Management Software | (AccountingWEB) 

Considering the use of practice management software? Implementing software and changing “the way it’s always been done” can feel like a big step. So why bother? This article is going to analyse and highlight some reasons you might want to avoid the whole caboodle. Can someone check on Marcus in sales? He looks faint.

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