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UK’s Best & Brightest Change Makers | (Heather Smith LinkedIn)

Around the world, the economy and the micro & small businesses are hurting. It’s a bloody hairball mess, of pandemic impact, hiring stress, and supply chain issues…Accountants and Bookkeepers have the knowledge and access to positively ( and massively) impact their business clients, and in turn their community. In this scenario, Xero has the capacity to inform those leaders in power who are actively listening.

The 2022 Australian Cyber Security Landscape | (Practice Protect) 

The cyber security landscape is changing in Australia, is your accounting firm up to date? In May 2022, the Federal Court stated that the onus of reducing cyber security risk and management falls on financial services firms. The decision came after the Federal Court ruled that an Australian Financial Services licensee had breached their license obligations by not managing their cyber security risks adequately.

Boost Your Career With Automated AR | (Debtor Daddy) 

Accounts receivable isn’t often the first thought that comes to mind when trying to climb the CFO ladder. Tucked away in the back office, this critical function rarely gets the attention it deserves. And often isn’t top of the list for the drinks invites. But automating your AR is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to stand out from your peers and shift your career.

How Wilder Coe Automated Their Client’s Approval Processes | (ApprovalMax) 

Established in 1972, Wilder Coe have cemented themselves as one of London’s leading accounting firms. During this time, their goal has always been to relieve companies of the stresses and strains of business accounting. Along the way, they have worked with an impressive set of companies from various industries, including, renewable energy, charities, hospitality – the list goes on.

G-Accon’s Quickstart Guide for New Users Connecting Xero & QBO to GSheets | (G-Accon) 

Welcome to G-Accon Academy! Here you can easily upgrade your skills and increase work efficiency. Follow these instructions to start your journey with G-Accon. Installation, login, organization connection, and three types of reports have never been so easy.

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