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Invoice Tracking 101: Your Guide to Simple Invoice Management | (MinuteDock)

If you have been growing your business steadily, you might be starting to realise that you need a better system for keeping track of invoices. According to a 2018 survey, 25% of US-based small businesses still keep track of invoices and finances on paper. Not only does this leave you vulnerable to mistakes at tax time, but it could also be costing you valuable time and money! Invoice tracking is not as complicated as it sounds, and with the right tips, tricks and software, you’ll be on top of invoice payments in no time. 

QuickBooks Online Users: How to Create Expense Requests and Approval Workflows Using ApprovalMax | (ApprovalMax) 

Good news – creating and approving Expense requests, and setting up multi-step approval workflows in ApprovalMax is now available for QuickBooks Online users. An Expense is a document type in QuickBooks Online. It represents a purchase that’s been paid via a selected Payment Type (cash, cheque, or credit) and which is then allocated against the respective Payment Account (Category of specific types). Learn more about it on this link.

How to Fix the Leaky CPA Pipeline | (Blake Oliver Blog) 

Public accounting firms continue to increase their hiring of nonaccounting graduates, who now represent 31% of all new hires at those firms. Some CPAs see this as a positive trend. After all, a shrinking supply means higher wages for current CPAs. Yet a shrinking supply also means that the CPA brand is losing market share. If the downward trend continues, the value of the CPA will also decline because it is no longer a “must-have” but a “nice-to-have.” So, what is the cause of the CPA pipeline problem — and how do we fix it?

What High-Performing Teams Do to Succeed in a Modern | (TechSmith) 

In the world of hybrid work, there rages a fierce debate about when and where employees should work. There is much less focus, however, on the how. Therein lies the problem. The ‘how’ is the hardest part to get right, yet the most important. Also, leaders have to improve how their people work. Asynchronous-first communication approach is a must for organisations and leaders who want to thrive in the new challenging world of work, whether their workplace is fully remote, hybrid or in-person.

6 Workflow Apps to Maximise Productivity | (Jotform Apps) 

If you want to improve the bottom line, you either bring in more revenue or reduce costs. One way to address the latter is to maximise productivity with technology like workflow apps — software that automates certain tasks in a business process. Your team can use workflow apps to complete processes faster and more accurately, minimising waste and rework that add costs to the business. Keep reading to learn about several value-adding workflow apps that are best suited for small and medium-sized businesses.

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