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Case Study of an Email Hack | (Practice Protect)

Time and time again, email has proven to be the most popular means by which hackers target accounting firms. 3 out of 4 companies are receiving an increased number of email-based threats, according to a study conducted throughout 2021. Email-based threats can range from simple phishing attempts to sophisticated ransomware attacks that can cause serious downtime to firms. On average, the cost of a cyber attack on a business is $108,000.

Apps that Help Keep Trees in the Ground | (Acuity Magazine) 

Using less paper is good for the environment and with an array of apps that offer a helping hand, going paperless couldn’t be easier. Minimising paper in the office is good for the environment and will reduce costs: no more paper, filing cabinets, photocopiers, ink, toner and postage costs. In addition, fewer storage requirements mean less rental space, which can even have the knock-on effect of reducing insurance costs.

Keep Your Xero and QuickBooks Reports Up-to-date With an Automatic Refresh Feature Even if You Are Offline | (G-Accon Blog) 

G-Accon is an add-on designed to make your daily routine easier and more enjoyable. Automatic report refresh is exactly the feature that you will certainly appreciate. Just imagine: your reports will be updated automatically even when you are offline. Having set up the function once, you can not think about work on vacation, because everything will work without your participation.

How to Create a Multichannel App for Free | (Chaty) 

Even if you know how useful multichannel chat widgets can be for your company, many don’t know how to create them or how to take the most advantage they can from them. Read this page to learn how to create multichannel chat apps without spending a penny on them. There are several ways to do it, and the process can change depending on the platform you use, but Chaty supports most of them, so you shouldn’t worry about that as long as you use this platform

How to Clean up Data in Google Sheets With Cleanup Suggestions | (Zapier) 

Professionals barely have time to put their reports together. That’s why you need a tool which can create order out of the chaos. A huge help for messy data sheets, the Google Sheets data cleanup feature helps keep that data a little tidier, even when you are not sure where the mess is. Here’s how it works.

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