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Cloud Accounting Adoption in Australia | (Ian Phillips LinkedIn)

Ian Phillips, UK Head of Partner Sales at Xero, recently travelled to Australia. In this blog entry, he narrates his experience. “I recently travelled to Australia, spending some time with Xero staff and Partners at our office in Melbourne and then at Xerocon Sydney. I went with one big question that I wanted to answer…Why have Australian businesses, accountants and bookkeepers adopted cloud accounting technology so quickly?”. Continue reading about it on this link. 

Access-Fathom deal: An insider’s view | (AccountingWeb) 

Days after joining the Access Group, Fathom co-founder David Watson explains how the acquisition will open up new opportunities for the reporting and forecasting app. Towards the end of last year, the directors of reporting and analysis app developer Fathom were contacted by representatives of the Access Group. The UK-based mid-market software house has been on an Asia-Pacific (APAC) acquisition spree over the past three years, so Fathom was not the only company to experience this kind of approach. “Like a lot of people in this market, we occasionally get those sorts of enquiry,” co-founder David Watson told AccountingWEB.

How to Create a To-Do List in Excel (With Templates) | (ClickUp Blog) 

The human mind is a powerful thing. But sometimes, it can suddenly blank out! Like forgetting to note down the grocery items missing in your pantry or the project changes your client wants by the end of the day. While our brain can do quite a lot, sometimes relying on our memory isn’t always the best way to keep track of our tasks. That’s why a to-do list in Excel can be helpful. It helps you break down your tasks into different sections on a single spreadsheet, which you can view at any time. This article will cover the six steps to creating a to-do list in Excel and also discuss a better alternative that can handle more complex requirements in an easier way. Let’s roll!

What Is Fractional Accounting and Is It a Legit Service? | (Jetpack Workflow) 

Fractional accounting services have been around for centuries, dating back to the early days of commerce. In the past, businesses would contract with accountants to keep track of their financial affairs on a part-time basis. This allowed companies to save money on overhead costs while tapping into experienced professionals’ expertise. Today, fractional accounting services are still used by many businesses for the same reasons. As a result, fractional accounting services play an essential role in the business world.

Why the Cloud Is Key to a Flexible, Intuitive Practice | (ICAEW) 

As the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop draws nearer, members highlight the advantages of moving to the cloud – and the main factor behind a successful migration. As well as having to wrap up their clients’ accounts by that crucial year-end date, firms and practices that currently use QuickBooks Desktop must focus on planning for its absence. Intuit announced last autumn that it would discontinue the UK desktop version of QuickBooks after 31 January next year. It would support the cloud-based QuickBooks Online only after that date, heralding the end of an era. Now, more than halfway through 2022, that endpoint is drawing ever nearer.

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