We’re back to business! Here you have the most-clicked articles from the Accounting Apps newsletter? during w/c 25.9.22:

Email Security for Accountants: How to Secure Your Most Vulnerable Application | (Practice Protect)

To start off at a high level, why is email the number one target for accounting firms? And really the first point is, is because it’s very easy to compromise, and as well it’s easy to target. So if you think about businesses in the world, in the States. When it comes to accounting apps they could be using one of five, 10 different applications, and then would be other applications as well. Not all businesses are using them. When it comes to email every single business in the world, or 99% of businesses in the world, has an email account. So it makes sense for firms to be targeting them, it’s a numbers game.

Going All In on a Password Manager App by Kellie Parks | Cloud Accounting Templates

In this useful article, Kellie Parks introduces us to a super short version of online security policies: 1. Back up your data, 2. Enable 2FA wherever possible, and 3. Adopt a password manager. “These key security protocols are no-brainers to go all in. It can seem daunting to go all in. Let go of the ease of using Chrome to store your login details. Do not use your pet/child’s name and ‘1234!’ at the end of those names (not that anyone does that). To give up control of knowing your passwords,”, says Kellie. 


A Beautiful, Unexpected, Serendipitous Stories From My Global #TourDeXerocon | (Heather Smith LinkedIn) 

Here’s one of those beautiful, unexpected, serendipitous stories from my global #TourDeXerocon. After #Xerocon New Orleans, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a week with wonderful friends in Houston. So now it’s a week after #Xerocon, and I’m leaving the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston), destined for Brisbane, via Sydney. I’m not expecting to see anyone I know on the journey, and I don’t (plot twist). I board my United Airlines flight and settled into the second row of the economy seats. Before we take off, I become aware of the animated conversation in the row in front of me. A gentleman is telling the couple beside him how he works for a very supportive company…He goes on to tell them he also gave a talk in London… and is flying to Sydney to give a speech too. Find out more about this wonderful time I had in this blog post. 

August Was Our Worst Month This Year for New Sales | (Stuart Hurst LinkedIn)

August was our worst month this year for new sales. Did it come as a surprise? No, not really (I mean we did have some blind faith and did prey to the sales Gods but alas it was not to be). We knew it was coming because we track the numbers driving sales. We’ve added over £1 million pounds to sales this year, growth has been crazy, and there are 4 main areas that come from Social media, Networking, Referrals, and Direct website enquires. Each one of those lines has easily added 6 figures to sales. Read the full blog post from Stuart using the link.

Gary Turner’s Been Searching for the Best Task/Project/Notes Setup & He’s Finally Found What He’s Looking for! | (Gary Turner LinkedIn) 

I reckon I’ve been searching for the best task/project/notes productivity setup for more than a decade. I’ve tried them all. I think I might just have found it, though, in Todoist https://doist.com. I use filtering and labels a lot in Gmail to sort and organise all the various things that come into my inbox, and to an extent that turns Gmail into a basic, pseudo-to-do list but it’s not very deep. I’ve tried everything alongside Gmail and nothing’s been perfect, but since I started using Todoist a couple of weeks ago, it feels like the closest yet. Keep on reading Gary’s blog post on his LinkedIn.

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