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Discovering SuiteFiles Was a Game Changer | (SuiteFiles)

Over the years, SuiteFiles has gotten better and better. It integrates with the cloud ATO (Australia’s tax department). This means teams can be proactive – if a client rang about a document in their MyGov (Australian government online services for citizens) you could see it instantly in SuiteFiles. No need to log in to online services for agents and download, it is now at your fingertips. Read more about the benefits of using SuiteFiles.

‘Tis the Season to Be Hiring | (Microkeeper) 

It seems like in every festive window display this year sits a recruitment sign as businesses begin their seasonal search for help, in what is being described as “one of the toughest years in terms of recruitment” in Australia. Faced with a shallow hiring pool, it’s never been more crucial as an employer to focus on making your brand and culture appealing to workers and ensuring a smooth onboarding process to quickly convert your best candidates from resumes to the real world. Onboarding made simple: Optimise your seasonal onboarding with Microkeeper.

How Cutcher & Neale Delighted Clients With eSigning | (Annature) 

Since 1953, Cutcher & Neale has been the firm that’s helped countless clients build and preserve their personal and business wealth. Backed by over 65 years of experience providing personal service and absolute integrity, they pride themselves on offering a wide variety of services, executed by our diverse team of accounting and finance specialists. They moved to Annature in 2020 amid the COVID pandemic. Without Annature, they would not have been able to provide clients with the Financials & Tax Returns for the 2020 financial year in such an efficient manner.

How Kenya Became a World Leader for Mobile Money | (World Bank Blogs) 

What if anyone owning a cell phone, whether rich or poor, also had access to financial services with the ability to save and send money safely, no matter where they are located?  This is not science fiction; in fact, it is already happening in Kenya, which has become the world’s market leader in mobile money. Today, Kenya has more cell phone subscriptions than adult citizens and more than 80 per cent of those with a cell phone also use “mobile money” (or “M-PESA” which is very different from “mobile banking” as Michael Joseph–the former Safaricom CEO, and the man behind that revolution—can explain passionately!).  

Expand Your Farm Business or Invest Off-farm? Compare for Profitability | (P2PAgri)

Farming has become more challenging with significant variations in seasonal outcomes, market volatility, increasing land values and tightening financial requirements from banks. The risks of farming are high. This paper outlines these principles and provides a farm-case study to compare strategies to expand your farm business. Doing these analyses on your own farm business will allow you to compare these strategies with potential off-farm investment opportunities to maximise profitability.

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