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Essential Excel Formulas for Accounting | (Synder)

As you already know by now, Excel is one of the most powerful pieces of software that can assist individuals and businesses in making the job of accountants easier by significantly streamlining their accounting and financial control processes. Excel allows accountants to efficiently track financial data efficiently, thus effectively saving the company time and improving accounting accuracy. Also, this software is famous because it can assist in managing financial records by making it easier for accountants to analyse and understand all types of financial information. Besides, Excel can automate tasks such as tracking income, expenses, and other financial data, making it a powerful tool for financial analysis and decision-making. So, let’s get started!

8 Tips and 5 Types of Software You Can Use to Help Manage a Remote Team | (MinuteDock

In modern workplaces, a work-from-home option is becoming an essential part of daily work life. With advances in technology and the habits formed over the course of a global pandemic we’ve had to get used to the idea of remote working situations, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon! With that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at the kinds of tools and tips we can use to make managing remote workers as smooth an experience as possible. Learn more about these 8 key tips for managing remote/work-from-home teams, which are followed up with 5 types of software you can use to implement these tips!

10 Password Manager Comparisons | (Insightful Accountant

You need passwords for everything. Some people keep all their passwords in a notecard on their phones. Lot of good that will do if they ever forget the password to their phone, or lose it. We have tens, if not a hundred or so complex passwords with lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols. Who can remember all of them? And there are the ones that say you cannot include these characters, but they must consist of these characters and have fewer than this many characters while no more than that many. Read more about how to avoid confusion and learn to protect your digital identity here. 

Weel’s Greatest Products Hits: Custom Workflows, Transaction Table 2.0 and More | (Weel

Weel, the spend management HQ that connects your bills, cards and accounting tools, is here to help you to reduce your workload. They have released many new features, big and small, over the past year. These were all geared towards helping you and your team get on with, well, literally anything other than expense admin. This is a snapshot of the progress we made throughout the year. Here are some of their favourite new features, improvements and fixes.

Fluidly to Close Its Doors in April | (Accounting Web)

Cashflow forecasting app Fluidly by OakNorth has announced it will be closing permanently to accountants at the end of April and integrating with its digital bank parent company instead. Gavin Fell, VP Commercial at Fluidly, told AccountingWEB that since the company’s acquisition by digital bank OakNorth in 2021, the working relationship had become closer and the move was a natural progression.

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