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Are Hybrid Workflows All They’ve Cracked Up to Be? | (Acuity Magazine | Heather Smith)

While many successful businesses have adopted a remote-first model, from small accounting practices to giant corporations – including Australia’s Atlassian with its more than 8000 global employees – the shift to remote work has brought challenges. One difficulty is in training staff. Shy employees may find it intimidating to ask for help from home. Others are comfortable in their working-from-home bubble and may not recognise they need help or further training. In a physical working environment, asking a colleague for help is much easier. You can tap them on the shoulder or ask a question in the kitchen while you heat up lunch. Learn more about the insights of the hybrid workflows in this article by Heather Smith.

KPMG US to Cut 700 Advisory Jobs | (The Accountant Online

Big Four firm KPMG has announced that it will be cutting 700 jobs in its US advisory team. This will constitute 2% of its US workforce, making KPMG the first of the Big Four team to officialise the laying off of employees amidst a period of economic uncertainty for companies throughout the globe. These cuts were announced internally by KPMG US vice-chair for its advisory business, Carl Carande, according to a report by the Financial Times. In this internal memo, Carande is quoted as having said that these cuts were needed “to better align our workforce with current and anticipated demand in the market.”

Flexibility, the Best Ability: Reimagining the Tech Workforce | (Deloitte Insights

Organisations have been competing for a limited supply of tech talent. A winning long-term strategy instead creates, curates, and cultivates new talent. In the last year, workers with this type of knowledge have been at an all-time shortage: More than half of IT executives were unsuccessful in filling a position. Headlines about the Great Resignation abound, and companies often appear to be engaged in a heated competition for tech talent. But with technical skills becoming outdated every 2.5 years on average, hiring for current needs is not a winning long-term strategy. Rather than competing for scarce tech talent, leaders would be wise to consider an abundance strategy, wherein technology talent can be curated, created, and cultivated. In other words, don’t compete when you can create.

5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Accounting Firm’s Productivity | (Jetpack Workflow

According to a recent study, workers have about three productive hours in a day. A lot of time is spent on office chit-chat, coffee and smoking breaks, and employees surfing the Internet looking for better opportunities. However, it’s still possible for accounting business owners to salvage much of this wasted time and save your firm thousands of dollars from unproductive hours. Whether it’s the busy tax season or not, an accounting firm’s success hinges on the productivity of its workers. Unproductive employees cost your firm money and leave a lot of room for mistakes, missed deadlines, and projects falling through the cracks. This article will cover five ways to boost your accounting firm’s productivity, including tips on the best tools to ensure you’re running efficiently, organised, and up-to-date all year round. 

Hiring a Fractional CFO: Save Time and Solve Financial Problems | (Helm)

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses face a range of challenges that require diverse skills to overcome. While entrepreneurs have the expertise to run their businesses, they may not necessarily have the financial know-how to optimize their company’s financial performance. After all, if they did, they probably would have started their own financial or accounting practice. This is where a fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer) can be a valuable asset. Take a peak inside this article to know more!

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