Have you ever been dumped in the surf?

You’ve lost your footing.

You’re disorientated and surrounded by swirling bubbly water.

You’re running out of breath and starting to panic.

To prevent this from happening, you need to monitor and gauge the waves and brace yourself for impact. Then, with a firm footing, you are more likely to recover quickly and enjoy your beach swim.

Beach waves are like business trends.

If you are aware of a business trend and take the time to understand it, you are better placed to deal with it and enjoy the business journey.

In the latest Cloud Stories podcast, I talk with Nick Sinclair, Founder of Humanverse Group (TOA Global & AB² Institute), and discuss the following trends and how they impact accountants and bookkeepers:

  1. Chat GPT
  2. Embracing innovation: Automation, AI & Technology
  3. Oversupply of clients
  4. Undersupply of staff
  5. Diversified skill sets and microlearning
  6. Inflation
  7. Practice Transformation (and whatever that means to you)
  8. Cyber Security and Data Protection
  9. The year of No
  10. Increased interest in data analysis and business advisory
  11. Building valuable communities for clients

The conversation is valuable both for your own business, but also it might inspire conversations with clients. Enjoy. Explore.

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This recording was for the Cloud Stories podcast and was recorded at the GoCardless BuzzLabs at Sydney Accountex 2023. Many thanks to the GoCadless production team.

GoCardless:  https://gocardless.com/en-au/ 

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