I used the prompt : Review and describe my writing style from the following three examples. I included an email I’d just written, a LinkedIn post from last week, and some copy from my website.

This was the ChatGPT response:

Conversational and approachable tone: Your writing conveys a friendly, conversational tone that makes it easy for readers to connect with you. You often use contractions, colloquial expressions, and casual language to create a sense of warmth and approachability.

Structured and organized: You present your ideas in a clear and logical manner, using paragraphs to separate different points or topics. Your writing is easy to follow, and you provide sufficient context for the reader to understand your message.

Use of personal anecdotes and experiences: You often incorporate personal stories, experiences, and insights into your writing, giving your text a relatable and engaging quality. This helps create a stronger connection with your audience and adds depth to your message.

Detail-oriented and descriptive: You provide vivid descriptions and specific details in your writing, painting a clear picture for the reader. This helps engage the reader and makes your writing more memorable.

Enthusiastic and positive: Your writing exudes a sense of enthusiasm and positivity, which can be motivating and uplifting for the reader. You often express gratitude and celebrate accomplishments, both your own and those of others.

Overall, your writing style is approachable, well-structured, and engaging, with a strong focus on personal experiences and a positive, enthusiastic tone.

I think it is an accurate description of my writing style, and I can use it to create more content in my voice.