Inspired by James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, this session unpacks the impact and power of habits on our business and our client’s business. 

  • What are Atomic Habits, and why have we heard so much about this book by James Clear?!
  • How do Atomic Habits Work? How Can They Help You Achieve Your Goals?
  • How do you develop good habits and break bad ones?
  • Practical examples of habits that help achieve business success.
  • Apps we use to help us build and track good habits


  • Moderator: Heather Smith, Founder, ANISE Consulting
  • Dan Osbourne Podcountant at Two Drunk Accountants, Director CATS Accounting
  • Michele Grisdale Founder Rainforest Bookkeeping
  • Amar Latif Co-founder of MAD Wealth 

This panel discussion was recorded at the GoCardless Buzz Labs at Sydney Accountex 2023. It is also available on the Cloud Stories podcast.

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