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10 Metrics to Track With Job Costing in Construction Companies | (WorkGuru)

Construction companies need to be vigilant in tracking their costs to ensure the profitability of each project. One way to achieve this is through job costing, which involves tracking the expenses associated with each job to determine its total cost. To effectively implement job costing, construction companies must track various metrics related to labour, materials, overhead, and project management. In this article, we will explore 10 essential metrics to track job costing in construction companies.

Harnessing AI-language Models for Small Business | (MinuteDock

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are game-changing tools that can significantly streamline business operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. These AI models have numerous applications across multiple industries, from retail and manufacturing to finance and project management. Here’s an exploration of 10 ways AI can benefit small businesses and a look at the specific industries that stand to gain the most.

What Accountants Can Learn From the Wine Industry | (Geni Whitehouse

A change is coming for the wine industry. And the accounting profession is at a similar crossroads. We’ve heard it from all sides – the old ways no longer work. Accountants must continually seek new ways to meet the demands of changing client demographics and evolving technologies. The challenge is to find the right balance between a positive client experience and the security and compliance requirements of our highly regulated industry.  Only then can we improve both the client and the staff experience.

How to Set up Domain/Group License in G-Accon for Xero | (G-Accon

A video guide by G-Accon on how to add/remove users, connect/disconnect companies and assign access rights to your team members. The following points are illustrated: Accountant license, enterprise domain and full access, among other details.

The Power of 100 1% Improvements – Gareth Burton | (Heather Smith Blogs)

In case you haven’t listened to this special episode from the Cloud Stories podcast yet, we present you an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about why Gareth Burton has been successfully implementing the effective 100 1% improvements in 100 days.

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