As the panel moderator I’d like you to think of our panel as a relaxed, open conversation and that everyone’s thoughts, experiences and insights are valid. I’ll pose questions to spark a robust conversation, I’ll subtly steer the dialogue to keep it engaging and on point. Focus on your fellow panellists; I’ll incorporate audience questions when it adds value. Feel free to agree, disagree or build on each other’s answers. If you actually want to ask a panellist a question – that’s ok. If you want to poll the audience that’s ok. If you’re usually on the quieter side, rest assured, I’ll create opportunities for you to shine. If the audience starts asking questions, the questions come through me, so I can control the conversation. This also might mean I’ll cut you off, so we can hear from someone else, don’t take it personally. While we are on stage, time easily becomes a blur, and that’s me controlling it. Any questions we don’t cover can be addressed later, either face-to-face or on LinkedIn.


I don’t run panels like a tennis match. Your question. Your question. Your question. I just, I just throw the ball in the air and let anyone catch it, and respond. 


  • Audience Focus: Leave the audience to me; I’ll weave in their questions when it adds value.
  • Inclusivity: Rest assured, I’ll make space for everyone to contribute, even those who are usually quiet.
  • Guiding Hand: I’ll subtly steer the conversation, ensuring it stays engaging and on point.
  • Open Conversations: Think of this as a fluid dialogue rather than a formal Q&A.
  • Follow-Up: Any questions we don’t get to can be addressed later, either face-to-face or on LinkedIn.
  • Shared Responses: Feel free to build on each other’s answers; the questions are open to both panellists.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: Imagine we’re having a casual chat, not a structured interview.


I’ll probably be the quietest moderator you’ll ever see on stage. I typically know the subject matter inside out and upside down, and I’m here to let other experts shine. Please get in touch if you need a moderator for your next panel discussion.