Hot Off the Press! Alex Falcon Huerta and I are thrilled to bring you something special. Live from the conference floor of the Accounting and Finance Show Asia.

Tune into the Cloud Stories podcast for exclusive interviews. We’ve lined up ten guests, sharing insights you won’t want to miss.

We speak with:

  • Namrata Goyal – Regional Manager Grab for Business
  • Julian Sng – Head of Marketing & Communications – Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)
  • David Hanna – Co-Founder & CEO Finmo
  • Darius Fong – Automation Evangelist at Blue Sheets
  • Kevin Fitzgerald – MD Asia Employment Hero
  • Koren Wines – MD Asia Xero
  • Zac Hayes CFO & Captain of the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel
  • Vikash Bengani – Cofounder and CFO of Carbon Balance
  • Erik Ingvoldstad – Co-Founder and CEO Careera

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