Welcome back to the most-clicked articles from the Accounting Apps newsletter during this November ‘23:

How NetSuite Helps Australian Businesses Grow | Scott Wiltshire | (Heather Smith Blog)

In this podcast episode, I’m speaking with Scott Wiltshire, Vice President & GM, Oracle NetSuite ANZ.  We talk about the triggers that would lead you to move from an App Stack centred around the smaller GL’s like QBO or Xero to an ERP solution like NetSuite. Try to listen to it today!

​​How Aintree Group’s Bookkeeping Team Increased Productivity by 15% | (XBert

Aintree Group Chartered Accountants and Business Consultant’s purpose is to help business owners sleep well at night. Offering holistic financial services, the team at Aintree Group offer everything from bookkeeping and tax accounting to business consulting and advisory. Click on this blog post and find out how they used the XBert solution to increase their productivity. 

Making Time Tracking Part of Your Workflow | (MinuteDock

Settling yourself into a good time-tracking routine is easier than you think, and doing so will make your workflow infinitely more efficient and productive. Read more about simple ways to attain it by clicking this article. 

Intuit Developer Growth Program Fall 2023 Cohort Features Accountant Panellists| (Intuit QuickBooks

Following on the heels of the successful pilot of the Developer Growth Program, QuickBooks is launching the program with five QuickBooks app developers who make up our new fall cohort. This includes participation by three accountant-related panellists: Jeff Wilson II, CPA/PFS, CGMA, CFE, CDFA; Helina Patience, CPA, CMA; and Jacint Tumacder. Discover more about the program here.

Accountants Today Are Strategic Business Drivers and Modern Business Partners | (Ilya Kisel – LinkedIn)

In his short reflection, Ilya Kisel comments on how accountants are changing. As he says, before, accountants only reported P&L. Check out this brief insight from Synder’s co-founder on how accountants today are strategic business drivers and modern business partners.

Boost Your Efficiency: 5 Productivity Hacks You Should Be Using In Business | (WorkGuru)

Efficiency and productivity are two crucial elements that help businesses achieve their goals faster and more effectively. Therefore, adopting new strategies and tools that enhance your work processes is essential. Check out this article and get some help to achieve your desired results in a timely manner.

How G-Accon’s KPI Dashboards in Google Sheets Enhance Xero and QuickBooks Reporting | (G-Accon

In your cloud-based financial and business management, every second counts. That’s where automation steps in, reshaping traditional manual processes. This time, G-Accon brings another trailblazer feature to help your financial reporting – the KPI Dashboards. Have a go and read this comprehensive guide on how to implement them. 

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save Accounting | (Journal of Accountancy

Blake Oliver brings us a content piece on AI that is now more relevant than ever. Whether or not you’re on the artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon, you’ll want to pay attention to the rapid advances in the generative pre-trained transformer, better known as GPT, the large learning model ChatGPT uses. Keep learning about it by reading his article.

Better Proposals is a Human-Only Company | (Better Proposals

Is a human-led enterprise still relevant today? Business is always a balance. Be creative, but you need to be profitable too or go out of business. Yes, produce profit, but you’ve got to do it in a creative way. Sometimes it’s 99% driving that balance sheet. Other times, it’s 99% creativity, art, problem-solving, and making things. Continue reading Adam Hempenstall’s reflections on this article.

A Small Business Guide to Accounting Automation Software | (Weel)

Automating accounting tasks can bring significant benefits to your organisation, but it’s essential to understand why it’s beneficial and how it can work for you. In this article, you’ll navigate the key advantages of automation.

Which one of these highlights have you enjoyed the most during this month?