Here are some New Zealand podcasts accountants and bookkeepers might enjoy!

  1. The #WHATSNEXT Podcast: Hosted by Chartered Accountants Luke Kemeys & Phillip Smith. A valuable resource for impactful insights in business and life. Listen on Spotify. (over 300 episodes)
  2. Keep The Change: Also hosted by Chartered Accountants Luke Kemeys & Phillip Smith, focusing on enhancing financial literacy among Kiwis. Listen on Apple Podcasts. (over 450 episodes)
  3. Welcome to the Growth Curves Podcast: Hosted by bookkeeper Sarah Burgess and marketing strategist Wendy Tibbotts, for ambitious female entrepreneurs. Listen on Spotify Podcasts. (9 episodes)
  4. Strength In Numbers: Hosted by Chartered Accountant Jason Topp from SMYD Accounting & Advisory, aiming to inspire and motivate business owners. Listen on Apple Podcasts. (1 episode)
  5. Make it Count: Hosted by Freddie Bennett, this podcast focuses on growth and mindset for professionals. Listen on Spotify. (25 episodes)
  6. Business is Boring: Hosted by Simon Pound, featuring interviews with diverse New Zealand business owners. Listen on Spotify. (352 episodes)
  7. NZ Tech Podcast and NZ Business Podcast: Hosted by Paul Spain, these podcasts cover business and technology trends and challenges. Listen on NZ Tech Podcast and NZ Business Podcast.