In 2023 I switched from Telstra to Amaysim, and saved a heap of money. Here’s my story.

I purchased the Unlimited 180GB 1 year plan, for AU$179 which came with a bonus 20GB sign up data (it renews 30 July). Almost half way through the year and I’ve only used 22.58 GB, so I have 177.42GB remaining. 

I was able to BYO/transfer my mobile number across.

It’s on the Optus network, I’ve had no issue with reception (except when the Optus network is down)

I’ve found the ‘International Roaming’ really easy to use overseas. It is cost comparable to other options. When you arrive at the destination, log into the airport wi-fi.  It takes a few minutes to work out where you are, sends through a few text messages, and voila you’re set up. You don’t need to buy and set up a sim locally, or pre-purchase a sim.

Here is my own affiliate link to signing up to Amaysim.  You will get $10 in account credit and I’ll also get $10 in account credit when you sign up: 

My ICB Benefits also have numerous cashback offerings: